18 SEPTEMBER, 2013

Interwiev #1 - Daniela Owergoor (ENG)

Daniela Owergoor is very talented woman from Brazil. She making books covers. Her works were in Photoshop Creative Magazine and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. I had the honor conducted a interview with her. I invite you to read!

Simply Life
Computer Graphics is your hobby or work?
I Started as a hobby, now both, hobby and work!

How started your work with photomanipulations?
In 2005, I started trying (poorly) in photo retouch to my friends.

Stop - Make Love, Don't Make War
Whence do you take inspiration to your future works?
Well, a movie, a song title, a book, everything can spark new ideas in my mind, even a rainy day can inspire me!

You have a lot of fantastic works, but which of your work is the best for you?
I’m never satisfied with my results, but I must to admit that some of them opened my mind to a lot of possibilities. I mean, in the beginning I used to work with one BG and one model, when I did my 1st surreal art without any model or forest as BG, I realized that I would be able to do much more, anything without depend of a standard. The work which changed everything to me is simple and isn’t „the best for me” , but means a lot to me: Life Formsand one of my favorites pieces is this one: Long Way To Home

Beyond The Sea I
How looks your process making photomanipulations? I try to keep my psd’s as organized as possible, so I can quickly find my layers. Using the non destructive method is something I’ve been improving over time, and is something necessary. Some of my work can take 1 hour or two days to be complete. Everything depends on the time available. I’ve stayed about 6 hours straight on a job.

Do you have a rade for beginner who started adventure with computer graphics?
Study. Try to improve day after day. This is a recommendation I make for those truly interested. I don’t stop studying and try to learn new techniques, if you learn just one new thing every day, will have been worth it!

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